Empowering Health Initiatives, Enriching Community Well-being

Our team of seasoned experts brings together a wealth of experience in both healthcare and project management, offering tailored solutions that drive success in this critical sector. Whether you’re embarking on a large-scale healthcare initiative, implementing new technologies, or optimizing existing processes to better serve your community, we’re here to provide the expertise and support you need.

Who We Are

At M-Co we work with Primary Care Associations, Population Health , Organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Health Home Organizations.

We assist health care organizations achieve their goals through innovative and data-driven solutions. Ann has over 10 years of experience in the health care sector, working with non-profit, government, and private entities to improve their performance, quality, and outcomes. Previously the Vice President of Community Health at Canton & Company, she has also served as the Director of Care Management and Health Home at Bassett Medical Center and Adirondack Health Institute, where she oversaw the delivery of comprehensive and coordinated care to vulnerable populations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a world where every individual has equal access to quality services and opportunities, regardless of their circumstances. We strive to be at the forefront of driving positive social change by empowering organizations to better serve high-risk populations and promote community health. Through innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and a commitment to equity, we envision a future where every community thrives and every person can reach their full potential.

Headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY, our firm specializes in Care Coordination, Population Health Strategies, Technology Implementation and Event Planning. We take a collaborative approach to help our clients with care management and value-based payment strategies. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

High-impact services

Elevating Healthcare Solutions – Explore our expert services for lasting impact and healthier communities.

Technology Integration

Supporting the integration of innovative technologies and digital solutions to enhance healthcare service delivery and community health outcomes.

Implementation Support

Assisting with the smooth implementation of healthcare projects, including resource allocation, timeline management, and stakeholder coordination.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and best practices in healthcare delivery through rigorous quality assurance processes and compliance support.

Project Planning and Strategy

Offering expertise in developing comprehensive project plans and strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of healthcare organizations and community health initiatives.

Training and Capacity Building

Providing training programs and capacity-building initiatives to empower healthcare professionals and community stakeholders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive project success and sustainability.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Offering ongoing monitoring and evaluation services to track project progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact on community health and well-being.

Risk Management

Providing robust risk assessment and management services to mitigate potential challenges and ensure project success in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Stakeholder Engagement

Facilitating meaningful engagement with diverse stakeholders, including healthcare providers, community leaders, government agencies, and advocacy groups, to ensure alignment and support for project goals.


About Our Team

Ann Hutchison, MBA


Ann is a dynamic healthcare leader deeply committed to advancing community health models of care and improving outcomes for high-risk, high-need Medicaid patients. With a multifaceted background in healthcare leadership, Ann has dedicated her career to driving innovation and collaboration in community health initiatives.

Courtney Kruzikas, MBA

Project Assistant

Courtney holds an MBA and a BS in International Business and Marketing. With a focus on driving business growth and crafting impactful marketing strategies, she has excelled as a Marketing and Project Manager. Courtney specializes in utilizing social media to boost brand visibility and engagement, adeptly navigating digital marketing trends and fostering strong community connections. Her project management skills ensure smooth initiative execution, consistently delivering results on time and within budget. With expertise in international business, marketing strategy, and project coordination, Courtney is a valuable asset in achieving business success.

Jim Miller


With over two decades as an Operations Director, Jim Miller epitomizes strategic leadership, operational expertise, and unwavering dedication. Known for streamlining processes and catalysing transformative results, Jim’s visionary problem-solving and keen analytical skills drive sustainable growth. He fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, inspiring high-performing teams deeply committed to the company’s success. Jim is a paragon of operational leadership, seamlessly aligning strategic imperatives with tangible outcomes while upholding organizational values.

Tony Kowalick


Tony Kowalick boasts 25+ years in IT, excelling in enterprise app development across utilities, education, and non-profits. His expertise lies in spearheading large-scale projects and crafting tailored solutions. With a visionary leadership style, Tony aligns tech initiatives with organizational goals, driving innovation and fostering excellence. His unmatched proficiency in development, coupled with strategic acumen, ensures an enduring impact in IT.

Lindsay Homenick, MSW, BS


Lindsay brings a wealth of experience to M-Co, with a background in consulting and direct management of Medicaid Care Coordination programs spanning over 15 years. Leveraging her macro-focused MSW and extensive work experience, Lindsay is dedicated to ensuring the success, efficiency, and operational excellence of every project she undertakes.

Recognized for her knack in simplifying complex issues and program implementation, Lindsay excels in breaking down daunting tasks into manageable steps, facilitating follow-through and achieving success. Her ability to dissect intricate challenges and provide actionable solutions makes her an invaluable asset in any project or initiative.

Emily Reilly


Emily is a motivated and versatile healthcare specialist equipped with CPC-A and RHIT certifications. She is a well-versed health care consultant, with a focus on project coordination, revenue cycle oversight, and regulatory adherence. Emily is committed to elevating healthcare standards through collaboration and teamwork.

More Casual than Therapy, More Qualified than a Friend


Foster collaborative discussions and alignment among stakeholders. Our approach encourages open communication and active participation to address challenges and co-create solutions.

Learn & Grow

Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement through tailored training and capacity-building initiatives. We empower individuals and organizations to expand their skills and knowledge, driving innovation and success in healthcare initiatives.


Guide healthcare projects with confidence through our expertise in project planning, risk management, and stakeholder engagement. We ensure regulatory compliance, effective resource allocation, and alignment with community needs for successful outcomes.

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